Music: Ambient, Meditation & Relaxation

This section contains relaxation music, guided meditations and from time to time other audio material.

Chakra Balance CD

Let go of stress and immerse yourself in sacred healing sound. The specially composed brain tones and frequencies in this brainwave music allow you to heal and align your chakras, bringing you into a state of total relaxation and inner balance.......


Brainspotting CD set

2 CD set: Dr. David Grand is being hailed in therapeutic circles for his creation of Brainspotting - a powerful new approach for creating healing and change at the neurological level. Versatile audio tool to help you balance and enhance the brains......


Resilience and Self Care Strategies

This resilience CD aims to assist people who have been through a recent life crises or traumatic life experience, and are needing support to find meaning and hope. Simonette provides stabilising tools to help accept the things you can't change and works..


Buddha Dreamer

Following the hugely successful Celtic Dreamer album, Chris Conway brings his amazing array of instruments to weave evocative journeys with an Eastern atmosphere for relaxation and to aid sleep......


Australian Nature Sounds

4 CD set: 1. Water, 2. Birds, 3. Birds & Water, 4. Ocean Waves. Each CD has a variety of different tracks - all Australian Nature Sound to see more details......


Letting Go of Anxiety CD

The ever popular Australian guided relaxation CD with background music. 6 tracks - 54 mins


Michael Wild Music

Transporting, Ethereal & Ambient Music for Relaxation & Meditation, Sleep & Dreaming, and Travelling Beyond. 35 years Years of Music 'Inspired by the Heavens' for more information......


Healing at the Speed of Sound

At this very moment, you are surrounded by sound. We rarely pay attention to everything we hear, but every noise in our environment has the ability to change our mood, decrease our productivity, and even affect our health. While sound can heal, both......

From $27.00

Creativity & Contemplation CD

Mini Meditations for Mindful Living. These meditations offer ways of 'being' in the world that enrich your life. Studies have shown that optimistic perspectives can significantly add to your overall wellbeing and even lengthen your lifespan by up to ten..