Peaceful Journeys for Little Souls CD
by Julie Pappas  CD Australia - Running Time 75 mins

A series of guided meditations to help kids find beauty within, increase confidence, recognise the power of positive thoughts and develop respect for others. Julie Pappas has used all of her teaching experience and wisdom to offer you this gift for your children.

The Author writes "that there is a common misconception that because a child's life is without much responsibility this means that they have a carefree life and should display their behaviour accordingly.

As a mother and teacher I see that age is no barrier to emotional stress, anxiety, anger and low self esteem. Children do live in an adult world and absorb much of the negative energy around them eg. from global media, internet and computer games.

Their constant emersion in external stimuli teaches children  everything they are not, and nothing about who they really are.

Detaching from outside stimuli by going within is a vital part of getting to know themselves".

In 2006 Julie Pappas facilitated an intervention action research program 'The Minute of Peace Meditation Program' in a primary school setting in the Wollongong area,

The findings from this research were so positive that the paper was accepted at theInternational Conference of New Directions in Humanities - Paris 2007'.

Personal Development some comments from teachers. More calm, able to deal with stress better, more reflective and peaceful, a more positive outlook, its good for me, its not hard, love the way meditation has changed my outlook, lowered bloodpressure, less headaches, sleeping better....

In the Classroom class is friendlier, my teaching has improved because I'm more relaxed, less conflict between students and me, students are nicer to each other, it helps them release and forget their problems for a while,  don't have to raise my voice or use negative management techniques at all, a definite improvement, the learning environment is more positive and controlled, a Minute of Peace between lessons works like a charm....

CD Tracks


1. Harmony

2. I am Free

3. Making a Peace Cake

4. Angels Power

5. Mother Nature Balances Me


6. My Car

7. My Cubby  House

8. Journey in my Spaceship

9. Pirates Ocean of Teasure

10. Camping Under the Stars



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