Jane Thurnell Read Books

Jane is a former university lecturer, but in the early 1980s decided to change direction completely and train as a kinesiologist after a visit to a kinesiologist brought a dramatic improvement in her eldest sons health. She practiced kinesiology for over 20 years, and taught students and practitioners in the UK, Belgium, Germany, Russia, Switzerland and the USA. Jane has developed over 100 test kits for use by kinesiologists, homeopaths, naturopaths, and EAV (Bicom) practitioners. She has also written books both for therapists and for the general public. All of these products are available from Equilibrium: see our test kit webpage.

Nutritional Testing for Kinesiologists and Dowsers

This book started out in life as a workshop for Kinesiologists, but eventually developed into practical reference to assist one in testing for nutritional information in a clear and systematic manner..........


Verbal Questioning Skills for Kinesiologists

Explores in detail the increasingly used technique of ‘verbal questioning’ that can accompany muscle testing. A practical book for both students and Kinesiologists who would like to try out verbal questioning for themselves or for those who already.......


Energy Mismatch

The Energy Mismatch is a Kinesiology test to determine whether or not the energy system recognises or categorises correctly, a substance such as a food, bacteria or toxin. If the body categorises something as harmful that is beneficial, it will do.....


Health Kinesiology

The world’s first publication on the modality of Health Kinesiology (HK), founded by Jimmy Scott in the early 1980’s. Jane's book offers explanations, with colour photographs, of the Health Kinesiology procedure.........


Geopathic Stress & Subtle Energy

Looks a the theories, causes and types of Geopathic Stress (electromagnetic, paranormal and subtle energy). Jane explains how GS can be detected, the various types of remedial action that can be taken and how individuals can protect themselves.........



A fantastic ‘What is Kinesiology’ type book that is both detailed and broad across the Kinesiology field. Learn about the history of kinesiology and the different systems that have evolved: Touch for Health, Applied Physiology, Health Kinesiology, .......