Early Childhood Reflexes

These are resources for dealing with issues with Infant or Early Childhood Reflexes.
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Beyond the Sea Squirt

A Journey with Reflexes: It is movement that grows the brain that lays the foundation to understand the world. It is movement that develops the neurology that allows us to be creative, think, solve problems, control impulses and connect to others.......


Reflexes, Learning and Behaviour

The 'bible' on infant reflexes. A non-invasive approach to learning and behaviour problems. Early childhood reflexes should be fully inhibited by 3 years of age. Failure to inhibit creates neuro-development delay in the child, which leads to........


Assessing Neuromotor Readiness for Learning

Based on the proven INPP model for neuromotor development screening and intervention. Places emphasis on children's physical development and how neuro-motor skills provide the foundations for learning success. Includes batteries of tests for......


Attention, Balance and Coordination

The most up-to-date handbook for professionals involved in education and child development. Explains why early reflexes are important, their functions in development and their effects on learning, behaviour and beyond - also covers adult neurological.....


Get Ready For School DVD set

Too many children experience failure at school. This Double DVD takes you right to the heart of the matter by exploring the importance of children's physical and sensory development. Children that have gaps in their gross and fine motor skills, and......


Rappin' on the Reflexes

Rappin' on the Reflexes Manual & CD has been created for easy use by teachers, parents, practitioners, and anyone else who works with children. It can be used informally at home, as part of an office visit, or as school curriculum for increasing.......


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