Touch For Health, Kinesiology

Equilibrium actually had its own beginnings publishing & distributing Touch For Health (TFH) materials way back in 1984.
This section includes TFH manuals, charts and learning aids.

Touch For Health - Complete Edition

New 50th Anniversary Edition - 2023: The top selling world wide manual for TFH by founder John Thie with Matthew Thie . Contains the entire International Kinesiology College (IKC) curriculum taught round the world...........


Touch For Health Student Manual

The modern text for the Touch For Health 1 to 4 courses as taught in Australia. The entire TFH synthesis is covered with clear diagrams & photographs, in full colour, of all muscles tests and corrections as well as other peripherals in the curriculum.....


TFH Practical Essentials

A handy, more compact workbook for Touch For Health containing all the practical information in the TFH series.......


TFH Metaphor Booklet

The metaphors are exceptionally effective for cuing key issues, bringing much greater awareness and clarity to the person being balanced..........This is an interim edition and tempararily replaces the TFH Metaphor 'Pocket' Book, which has been out of pri


Touch For Health DVD

A short introduction to the TFH system by the founder of TFH itself.Outlines many of the TFH concepts including meridians and neurolymphatics. But the main content of the DVD is the TFH balancing procedure (the 14 muscle/meridian balance) including.......


Colour For Health

Learning aid for the Stage One TFH course in colouring book form. Each double page gives meridian, muscle, muscle test and corrections for all 14 tests. For the right brain learner........


Meridian & Five Element Theory in Kinesiology

The most comprehensive information available on the theory of meridians and five elements as they relate to Kinesiology. Written for students to help fill in the gaps on theory in the TFH classes.......


Healthy Pets:

The booklet manual for the kinesiology mini-workshop called 'Healthy Pets'........


Eat Right, Live Right

The booklet manual for the mini workshop 'Eat Right, Live Right'. Introduces muscle testing for food and supplement choice and basic food combination concepts.........


Kinesiology For Kids

The booklet manual for mini workshop within the Touch For Health system - A Workshop for Parents & Children.......


Perceptive Vision

The booklet manual for the mini workshop 'Perceptive Vision'. Ways to enhance, maintain and improve vision from the Kinesiology perspective........


TFH Reference Chart

This huge, colourful and informative chart contains all the TFH information - muscle tests, meridians, nutrition, all the corrections and the muscles themselves. A wonderful reference for the TFH Stages 1 to 4 .....


TFH 5 Element & Midday Midnight Law Chart

Laminated, 79 x 61 cm. The TFH Law of the 5 Elements with the Midday Midnight law as taught in Touch For Health. Shows a large 5 Elements picture for 5 Element balancing, the TFH Wheel, 5 Elements relationships pie chart and Acupressure Holding points ...


TFH Acupuncture Chart

90 x 60 cm, laminated wall chart of the 14 Acupuncture Meridians in detail. Shows all labelled Acupuncture Points along the Meridians (e.g. K27, GB31 etc). Offers a three sided body view: front, back and side and therefore......


TFH Metaphors & 5 Element Chart

Lists all the TFH 5 Element Chinese Metaphors newest to the TFH curriculum on one side and the Law of the 5 Elements info on the other. Full Colour, Doublesided & Laminated. 44 x 28 cm......


TFH Reference Folio

Has all the information of the Touch for Health Reference Chart plus more charts. It is 30 x 22.5cm (12 x 9 inches) and the page for each meridian shows all the muscles for that meridian, their locations, and all the reflex points and nutritional.........


TFH Pocket Folio

This is a miniature, 11 x 16cm (4.5 x 6.5 inches) version of the Touch for Health Reference Folio and also includes the abbreviated Metaphorical Clues to the meanings of your imbalances and energy patterns related to your life issues and goals and.....