Testing Kits

Test Kits
Distributed by Equilibrium. Over 150 different test kits available. Many are sold all over the world, and often through Kinesiology channels. All kits have a solid reputation for professional production, information and use by kinesiologists, bioresonance practitioners etc. The test kit category is now has 6 sub categories:

  1. General Test Kits from Life Work Potential (LWP) - Vials size is 10 x 50mm and they come in a flat tray box. With some smaller kits there is an option for an unboxed set which are therefore discounted. Further, there are unboxed some kits available in an earlier 10 x 40mm vials size that are discounted.
  2. Pathology & Histology Test Kits (PH) from Life Work Potential (LWP) - Vial size (now 10 x 50mm) and kit comes flat tray boxed.
  3. Kinesiology Test Kits (KTK) from homeopath and kinesiologist Evelin Liddell. Vial size 8 x 37mm and kits are supplied in a bullet style plastic box.
  4. EP Test Kits (EP) More unusual Test Kits covering topics the other ranges may not. Vials size is 10 x 50mm and come in a flat tray box.
  5. Test Kit Accessories - boxes, empty vials and other related matter
  6. ​Single Vials - some vials are available individually, especially pandemic related vials.