Testing Kits

Test Kits
Imported and distributed by Equilibrium from Life Work Potential, England. Over 100 different test kits available. These testing kits are sold all over the world, many through Kinesiology channels and have a solid reputation for professional production, information and use by kinesiologists.

More information
To read about the test kits in general, or about the vials themselves and caring for them, plus a guide to 'which test kits should I buy', go to our Test Kit Info Page

Test Kit List & Click Links
Since there are so many kits it may be helpful to use our 'quick reference & quick link page' to access the range.

New Kits & New Single Vials & Update Vials
To view what is new in kits or new single & updated vials click here.

Testing Kit Description Manual
A 200 page spiral bound manual on the test kits with detailed descriptions of all vial contents is available for purchase. Or it can be downloaded here - at no charge (2019 edition - current)

Test Kit Boxes & Empty Vials
Test Kits are supplied in zip seal bags and containers need to be purchased separately. See our Test Kit Accessories webpage for the storage options for vials.