Testing Kits

Test Kits
Distributed by Equilibrium. Over 150 different test kits available. Many are sold all over the world, and often through Kinesiology channels. All kits have a solid reputation for professional production, information and use by kinesiologists, bioresonance practitioners etc. The test kit category is now has 6 sub categories:

  1. General Test Kits from Life Work Potential (LWP) - Note: Throughout 2021 and 2022 there have been changes to the vial size and boxes for many kits. Unchanged kits have the usual vial size of 10 x 40mm and the kits are unboxed (but options for boxes can purchased separately). Changed kits come in flat tray boxes with vials sized at  a slightly longer 10 x 50mm.
  2. Pathology & Histology Test Kits (PH) from Life Work Potential (LWP) - Vial size (now 10 x 50mm) and kit comes flat tray boxed.
  3. Kinesiology Test Kits (KTK) from homeopath and kinesiologist Evelin Liddell. Vial size 8 x 37mm and kits are supplied in a bullet style plastic box.
  4. EP Test Kits (EP) More unusual Test Kits covering topics the other ranges may not. Vials size is 10 x 50mm and come in a flat tray box.
  5. Test Kit Accessories - boxes, empty vials and other related matter
  6. ​Single Vials - some vials are available individually, especially pandemic related vials.

NOTE: the supply of test kits has been affected in various ways over the enitre period of the pandemic. Going into 2022 there has been still difficulty in keeping stock levels up to the ever increasingly level of the demand and hopefully as the year progresses, this will settle into a consistent routine of supply.