IMPORTANT NOTE: Vial & Box for this kit was updated in 2021
New Vial Size: 10 x 50mm
New Storage Boxes: Sturdy white cardboard flat tray box with a foam inlay for the vials

LWP Food A Test Kit
56 vials, including flat tray box

The energy patterns of apple, banana, beef, carrot, cauliflower, cheese, chicken, egg, garlic, grape, lemon, milk, peanut, pork, potato, etc. Suitable for sensitivity testing by kinesiologists, EAV / BICOM practitioners, homeopaths, bioresonance therapists etc.

FA 1    Apple
FA 2    Apricot
FA 3    Banana
FA 4    Beef
FA 5    Blackcurrant
FA 6    Butter
FA 7    Carrot
FA 8    Cauliflower
FA 9    Celery
FA 10    Cheese, Cow’s
FA 11    Chicken
FA 12    Cod
FA 13    Courgette/Zucchini
FA 14    Cucumber
FA 15    Egg
FA 16    Garlic
FA 17    Grape
FA 18    Ham
FA 19    Hazelnut
FA 20    Honey
FA 21    Kiwi Fruit
FA 22    Lamb
FA 23    Lemon
FA 24    Lettuce
FA 25    Loganberry
FA 26    Marrow
FA 27    Milk, Cow’s
FA 28    Mint
FA 29    Mixed Sweets/ Mixed Candies
FA 30    Mushroom
FA 31    Onion
FA 32    Orange
FA 33    Parsley
FA 34    Parsnip
FA 35    Pea
FA 36    Peach
FA 37    Peanut
FA 38    Pear
FA 39    Peppers/ Bell Peppers
FA 40    Pineapple
FA 41    Plaice
FA 42    Plum
FA 43    Pork
FA 44    Potato
FA 45    Prawns
FA 46    Pumpkin Seed
FA 47    Rhubarb
FA 48    Sesame Seeds
FA 49    Spinach
FA 50    Strawberry
FA 51    Sunflower Seeds
FA 52    Tomato
FA 53    Tuna
FA 54    Turkey
FA 55    Watercress
FA 56    One vial containing 78 mixed foods and food additives: almonds, apple, apricot, baking powder, banana, Barleycup, beef, blackcurrant, Brazil nut, bread (white), butter, carob, cashew, cauliflower, cheese. chicken, chocolate, coconut, coffee (instant), corn, egg (raw in shell), flour (white), wheat, ginger, gooseberry, grapes, ham, honey, ice cream (vanilla), lemon, lentils, malt, margarine (mixed), marrow, milk, mushroom, oil (vegetable), onion, orange, pea, peach, peanut, pear, pineapple, plum, potato, raspberry, salmon, soya flour, sugar (beet), sultanas, saccharin, tomato, turkey, vinegar, yeast (bakers and brewers), E102, E104, E110, E123, E127, E142, E223. E330, E500, E621, artificial colours(mixed), sweets (mixed), nuts (mixed), kiwi fruit, loganberry, sugar (icing), coal tar




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