LWP Digestive Enzyme Test Kit
16 vials, boxed
Vials size: 10 x 40mm

Box: white cardboard storage box with foam inlay for vials

The energy patterns of carboxypeptidase, enterokinase, lactase, lipase, lysozyme, maltase, pepsinogen, pepsin, peptidase, amylase, sucrase, trypsin, etc.


DE 1    Carboxypeptidase
Peptides into other peptides and amino acids (protein digestion).

DE 2    Chymotrypsin    
Protein into peptides (protein digestion).

DE 3    Deoxyribonuclease    
Converts deoxyribonucleic acid nucleotides(DNA)  into pentoses and nitrogenous bases.

DE 4    Enterokinase    
Converts inactive trypsinogen into active trypsin in small intestine (protein digestion).

DE 5    Galactosidase/ Lactase    
Small intestine    Converts lactose into glucose and galactose.

DE 6    Lipase    
Converts fat into fatty acids and glycerol (fat digestion).

DE 7    Lysozyme    
Destroys bacteria and so helps prevent tooth decay; works to limit the growth of the bacteria that cause infections and diarrhoea, and encourage the growth of good bacteria.

DE 8    Maltase
Converts maltose into glucose.

DE 9    Pepsinogen    
Converted by hydrochloric acid into pepsin (protein digestion).

DE 10    Pepsin    
Converts proteins into peptides (protein digestion).

DE 11    Peptidase    
Peptides into amino acids(protein digestion).

DE 12    Rennin    
Milk protein  into casein which allows pepsin to act on it.

DE 13    Ribonuclease    
Converts ribonucleic acid (RNA) into pentoses and nitrogenous bases.

DE 14    Salivary Amylase / Ptyalin    
Polysaccharides into  maltose, which is a disaccharide (carbohydrate digestion).

DE 15    Sucrase
Small intestine    Sucrose into glucose and  fructose.

DE 16    Trypsin    
Protein into peptides; activates procarboxypeptidase into carboxypeptidase (protein digestion).



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