IMPORTANT NOTE: Vial & Box for this kit was updated in 2021
New Vial Size: 10 x 50mm
New Storage Boxes: Sturdy white cardboard flat tray box with a foam inlay for the vials

LWP Food B Test Kit
52 vials, including flat tray box

The energy patterns of almond, barley, cashew nut, chickpea, cocoa, coconut, coffee, oats, rice, sugar, wheat flour, yeast, etc. For allergy and sensitivity testing for use in Applied Kinesiology, Health Kinesiology, EAV, Bioresonance, NAET etc.


FB 57    Almonds
FB 58    Baking powder
FB 59    Barley: pearl barley
FB 60    Beetroot
FB 61    Blackberry: wild
FB 62    Brazil nut
FB 63    Broad Beans
FB 64    Brussel Sprout
FB 65    Buckwheat
FB 66    Cabbage
FB 67    Carob
FB 68    Cashew nut
FB 69    Chickpea
FB 70    Cocoa
FB 71    Coconut
FB 72    Coffee: ground
FB 73    Corn: sweet corn
FB 74    Cornflour / Corn Starch
FB 75    Date
FB 76    Fig
FB 77    Glucose / Dextrose
FB 78    Grapefruit
FB 79    Hops
FB 80    Lentil: brown whole
FB 81    Malt
FB 82    Melon: Galia
FB 83    Millet
FB 84    Oats
FB 85    Oats: organic
FB 86    Oil: olive
FB 87    Radish
FB 88    Raspberry
FB 89    Rice: long grain, white
FB 90    Rice: short grain, white
FB 91    Rice: long grain, brown, organic
FB 92    Runner bean
FB 93    Rye
FB 94    Salmon
FB 95    Soya bean: flour
FB 96    Sugar: beet
FB 97    Sugar: cane
FB 98    Sugar: demerara
FB 99    Sultana
FB 100    Vinegar: malt
FB 101    Vinegar: white wine
FB 102    Walnut
FB 103    Wheat flour: white, plain
FB 104    Wheat flour: white plain organic,  unbleached
FB105    Wheat flour: white, self-raising
FB 106    Wheat flour: wholemeal, organic
FB 107    Yeast: Bakers
FB 108    Yeast: Brewers



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