LWP Emotional State Composites Test Kit
10 vials. Includes flat tray storage box
Vial size: 10 x 50mm
Box: White Cardboard Flat Tray Storage Box with Foam Inlay with Cells for vials

This is a kit of ten primary or broad-spectrum emotions or states of being. 10 emotional states encompassing many other emotions of varying intensity. The other emotions are listed under the primary emotion in the test kit information (see info & example below).


 EC 01 Anger
 EC 02 Apathy
 EC 03 Bravery
 EC 04 Fear
 EC 05 Happiness
 EC 06 Love
 EC 07 Lust
 EC 08 Peace
 EC 09 Pride
 EC 10 Sadness


There are thousands of different emotions, so making an emotions test kit was always going to be a challenge. The way in which these countless emotions have been distilled and categorised has been established through kinesiology testing and the study of anthropological and psychological research in this field. Each of these ten emotional states encompasses many other emotions of varying intensity. The other emotions are listed under the primary emotion. Positive emotions can be as problematic as negative emotions. People can feel they do not deserve to be happy or that happiness is boring. Some people will have problems with two opposing emotions, for example, happiness and sadness, and vacillate between them, sabotaging themselves when they are happy and when they are unhappy. It could be argued that there are no completely positive or negative emotional states; emotions are appropriate or inappropriate depending on circumstances and in order to be full human beings we need to be able to experience all the emotions at different times.


Example of emotions in/under vial one, EC 01 Anger (They are listed in columns in the manual or list for this kit, and easier to see & reference than as listed here)....

Abrasive Abhorrent Abusive Acrimonious Aggressive Aggrieved Angry Annoyed Antagonistic Antagonized Argumentative Belligerent Bitchy Bitter Boisterous Brutal Bugged Bullying Burning Caustic Chaotic Choleric Cranky Cross Cruel Cynical Defensive Defiant Demanding Destructive Disgusted Displeased Enraged Exasperated Explosive Fed-up Ferocious Fierce Fiery Forceful Frustrated Fuming Furious Gruff Grumpy Hard Harsh Hated Heartless Hostile Hot-headed Hot-tempered Impatient Ill humoured Ill tempered Incandescent Incensed Indignant Inflamed Infuriated Inhuman Insensitive Insulted Irascible Irate Irritable Irritated Jealous Livid Mad Malevolent Mean Merciless Murderous Offended On fire Out of sorts Outraged Peevish Petulant Piqued Pissed off Pissed (American usage) Pushy Upset Pitiless Provoked Quarrelsome Raging Raving Rebellious Resentful Resistant Revolted Riled Rough Rude Ruthless Sabotaging Sadistic Sarcastic Savage Seething Severe Sharp Simmering Smouldering Spiteful Steely Stern Stubborn Sulky Sullen Unkind Unrelenting Up in arms Resentful Vehement Vengeful Vicious Violent Wicked Wild Wilful Wrathful




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