Energy Ball 

For demonstrating electrical energy flow through the human body.

A great party trick is to have everyone in a circle holding hands or making contact with each other and then have 2 people in the group break contact and instead touch the separate contacts on the energy ball. It lights up and sounds, showing that electricity is conducted through all the people in the circle. Any break in the circle and the light & sound stops. Great for primary science classes as well.

Fun & amusing science! By touching the metal strips simultaneously, your body becomes an electrical circuit that allows the ball to light up & create sound. Demonstrate conductivity & electrical currents safely. Works with several people. This product is used as a teaching tool to demonstrate electro-magnetic connection & the importance of water hydration (the ball won't work if an individual is dehydrated). This works well with all age groups & is a great illustrator of how we are energetically connected. A group "hooked up" by finger touch as large as 75 has demonstrated the energy current that our connection can provide.



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