Success Kinesiology
by Bruce Dickson, MSS

Hands-on muscle-testing exercises to unblock receiving and manifesting

The first known book of kinesiology experiments-exercises for self-healers and those willing to learn. Your Success Profile is seven points to measure-outline the strength-depth of your two Games of Success, in five minutes or less. Use it to pin-point and address your weakest link with your Energy Medicine method of choice. Success Profile is compatible with all methods on the Energy Medicine Skill Ladder.

Success begins in our cell-level-intelligence.
Bruce Lipton 101 says each cell has not one cell wall, but two. One faces in; the other faces out. DNA is not the brain of our cells. It's our inner and outer-facing cell walls, taken together. Success begins not in your mind but in the dual-perspective of your cell-level-intelligence, your outer- and inner-facing cell walls. That's the micro-reality; the macro level is...

Success is not one game but TWO.
Your Outer Game of Success is your "client funnels," how you attract new clients, offers you make them, marketing, promotion, websites and products.

Your Inner Game of Success is your 'smiles per day, ' how well you get your own needs met, relaxing, replenishing, recuperating, your willingness to receive, serve, learn and grow, allowing Angels to do their ministry thru you.

Which Game of Success is stronger with you? Which needs your attention more?

Given kinesiology testing, the invisible nature of unresolved disturbances, is no longer a big obstacle for those willing to learn and practice self-testing. Self-muscle-testing/dowsing/kinesiology converged with NLP, used in an ecumenical spiritual context, constitutes the first reliable experimental method for uncovering invisible disturbances. Keep in mind Energy Medicine methods are reliable primarily in the domain of only one person, no problem for self-healing.

Find here hands-on, effective home kinesiology experiments to TEST how strong each of your Games is. Access and clear your own blocks and obstacles to abundance. If you are a holistic practitioner and you're good at only one Game, you only have half a business. Profitability reflects how Coherent, Integrated and Aligned you are, on the inside. This is the 'new CIA;' and, how to make your aura brighter.



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