Biokinetic Exercises (from Biokinesiology)
A Guide to Realigning Your Body Naturally
by Wayne Topping Ph.D.
Spiral Bound Manual of 143 pages.

New Updated Edition February 2019

This is the manual of the Biokinetic Exercises for 102 different muscles & ligaments. It has been out of print for several years and is finally available again as a new & updated edition (2019). Published in Australia by Equilibrium.

Biokinetic exercises (from Biokinesiology - see description further below) are passive exercises that use position-releasing to balance muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascias that are too weak or too strong. The therapist or practitioner can sometimes assist the client by holding them in the desired position - particularly if they are very young or elderly. However, one of the features that is very attractive about biokinetic exercises is that clients can do it for themselves.

The manual covers

  • Biokinetic Exercises for the low back, neck & shoulders.
  • Biokinetic Exercises for 102 different muscles & ligaments
  • How to circuit localise tissues
  • How to identify which muscles & ligaments need correction.
  • How to know when you are in the optimum position and how long to hold the positions for maximum effectiveness.
  • How to use muscle testing for biofeedback

Ideal as a self help manual or for therapists using specialised kinesiology or other forms of body work.

The 102 muscles and ligaments in alphabetical order from Adductor Hallicus to Vastus Medialis. Each tissue gets a full page which follows a clear and particular format of 3 sections: Muscle Facts, Method of testing and the Biokinetic Exercise itself. A diagram or photograph accompanies each of these 3 sections, so one does get to view the muscle, the muscle test and the exercise itself.

New to this edition of the manual is the Appendices and Index which includes a Glossary of Terms, a Review of Muscle Monitoring, plus a handy reference to the tissues grouped according to the region of the body and showing the page number for easy access to the exercise for that muscle.

Quote from a review of the new manual: "Wayne Topping is a very thorough and clear teacher of his material and that is seen in this manual.  It is beautifully and logically presented and truly is a reference manual. It comes spiral bound with a glossy cover. The 142 text pages with the diagrams and photographs are in black & white, however. But the job as a manual is so well done that the colour is not missed".

Biokinesiology (BK) is a pioneering Kinesiology system that grew in parallel to systems like Touch For Health (TFH) way back in the late 70's and beyond. It was founded by John Barton and for the past few decades, in the main, has been taught & promoted worldwide by Wayne Topping.  BK mapped out 100's of muscles, ligaments and other tissues with their related meridian, points and even emotions. Much of this information has been lost to time but remnants are still available through Wayne's manuals. In the 80's Equilibrium sponsored Wayne to teach his workshops in Australia, so the fundamentals of the BK technique remain in the repertoire of these Kinesiologists of the time. The ‘Biokinetic Exercise’ itself is one of the corrections at hand in the BK system.  This manual focuses solely on this correction technique.

If interested in other BK style manuals by Wayne go to:
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