Desert Alchemy Essences
Applied Physiology (Kinesiology) DA Component Kit

30 x 10ml Stock bottles in 2 cardboard trays

Also available: Individual Stock Bottles, Book, Card Deck
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Deset Alchemy AP (Kinesiology) Individual Bottle x 30 descriptions (descriptions of the remainder of the 119 bottles available on request)

Agave (AP)
The “late bloomer’s essence”, it helps you own your level of mastery and manifest your talents and strength.
Aloe (AP)
Cultivates patience and surrender to your healing process, especially during a healing crisis. For overcoming resistance to allowing things to surface.
Arizona White Oak (AP)
For the belief that in order to grow you must struggle. Fosters strength through stability and continuity. Feeling rested through surrender.
Cane Cholla Cactus (AP)
For a leap to a new perspective when you struggle with an issue and insist upon defining it in such a way as to block its resolution.
Canyon Grapevine (AP)
Helps you find a balance between dominance and dependency and encourages you to see obstacles as opportunities.
Coral Bean (AP)
For help overcoming a drug-like dulling of the survival instinct. It stimulates focus and will in facing or recovering from dangerous situations.
Cow Parsnip (AP)
For those who take life too seriously and feel that they are responsible for everything and often have an underlying sense of insecurity.
Creosote Bush (AP)
Supports you in releasing what is unexpressed or held in, which is usually at the root of self-imposed separation from others.
Desert Jointfir (AP)
Activates your will and innate healing resources, bringing directedness and determination. Brings confidence in your self-healing ability.
Desert Marigold (AP)
Thinking that someone else has power over you. For taking responsibility and transforming victim consciousness.
Desert Willow (AP)
For fostering a perspective of comfort and ease when you are caught up in perfectionism and inflexibility.
Devil's Claw (AP)
For awareness of your natural sense of morality. For owning and expressing who you really are, separate from the projections of others.
Evening Star (AP)
Dependent upon external sources of self-validation and support. Helps you have confidence in your essential beauty and worth. Self- confidence.
Fairy Duster (AP)
Excellent for nervous excitability and over-reactivity to stimuli. Can help you handle a greater intensity of energy without disrupting you.
Fishhook Cactus (AP)
For fear of risking in communication. For confidence in public speaking, intimate relationships or for speaking foreign languages.
Hackberry (AP)
For those who have resistance to feeling grief. Sometimes we have an idea of how long it is appropriate to grieve, but our feelings don’t match.
Hedgehog Cactus (AP)
Helps you sort out the difference between self-nurturance and overindulgence. Excellent for physical self-care issues.
Hoptree (AP)
For those of us who become too easily distracted by the needs of others. For staying in alignment with your purpose.
Mariposa Lily (AP)
Self-mothering brings joy and freedom, healing separation and alienation. For becoming receptive to human love.
Melon Loco (AP)
Melon Loco helps step down the intensity of your emotions in order to bring you back into your body. For emotional sensibility and balance.
Ocotillo (AP)
Subconscious or unexpressed feelings that erupt in uncontrolled ways. Helps you respond rather than react to situations..
Pencil Cholla Cactus (AP)
For confusion and overwhelm. It helps you focus continually in a specific direction and unite personal will with Universal will.
Prickly Pear Cactus (AP) Adaptability. For surrender to the flow of life’s events. Excellent for culture shock.
Queen of the Night Cactus (AP)
For sinking deeply into the intuitive root of our being to ground our subtle sensitivities. For deeper understanding through honoring our intuition.
Ratany (AP)
If we are pulled between two choices, Ratany enables us to recognize, follow and communicate the truth in our hearts..
Spineless Prickly Pear Cactus (AP) For fear of vulnerability. All you need for survival is contained within you. You don’t need anything outside of you to Be.
Strawberry Cactus (AP)
Expecting and preparing for things to go wrong or be difficult. Let go and allow your heart to transmute difficult emotions.
White Desert Primrose (AP)
For those who are overly influenced by what others think is right for them. Enhances belief in self and discernment of your soul pattern.
Whitethorn (AP)
Succumbing to old patterns and habits, even after recognizing them. Helps your thinking move in new, innovative directions.
Wolfberry (AP)
Helps you allow grief to take you to a transpersonal experience. Also supports you to allow inner shifting to take place without insisting upon defining it.


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