Reiki Self Treatment A4
A4 double sided & laminated
(picture shows both sides)

Reiki is a Japanese word. Rei means the mysterious, transcendental spirit; Ki means light and energy. Reiki is the universal life force that can be channeled and applied through the hands to specific areas of a patient or oneself for healing. Energy blocks can be lifted, one is left feeling harmonized, relaxed and revitalized. Giving oneself Reiki is simple and effective. It can be done at any time, sitting, lying or standing. By laying the hands on different positions, not only are the corresponding body functions such as the endocrine and chakras systems stimulated, but one also experiences a general improvement of the whole being, be it at the physical, mental or spiritual level. This chart gives the main "hand laying positions" and for each the various benefits, the corresponding organs, body parts and chakras involved as well as affirmations and stones that can be used to reinforce those effects.



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