2021 Test Kits, Vials and Storage Boxes Update

Date Posted:27 April 2021 

2021 Test Kits, Vials and Storage Boxes Update main image 2021 Test Kits, Vials and Storage Boxes Update image

Life Work Potential (LWP) Test Kits in 2021

IMPORTANT NOTE - major changes in test kits & vials (in transition) 

The supply of LWP testing kits & vials throughout 2020 was disrupted by the COVID 19 situation. As part of the settling process there is a major change to the LWP kits & vials, which is in transition now and in the coming period. This is relevant to the storage boxes and vials sizes - please read below before ordering any of these kits especially if you have purchased Life Work Potential (LWP) kits in the past.

The LWP kits that we have been selling for over 20 years are now being made by a new company and both the vial size and the box situation is changing.

Vial Size Change:

In the past the size of the LWP test vials were 10 x 40mm. Throughout 2021 the vial size will be changing to 10 x 50mm - 1 cm longer. These new longer vials will not fit our previous storage box options.

Storage Box Change:

Also in the past the LWP kits were not supplied with boxes as various storage options were available separately. Accompanying the new vial size is a new storage box. The further news here is that any kits in the new vial size will be supplied with the vials in the new storage box. These new boxes are custom made for these new vials, but will fit the old LWP vials being transitioned from.

What does this mean for the LWP range of kits and vials available?
There will be no change to any of the range - one can still purchase all the LWP kits available pre COVID. The vial names will be the same and will still match the information in any content lists you may have or seen already. The only change is the vial size (the length) and the fact that kits will now be provided in a new and different storage box. In addition, while these new vials will have the same contents name, they are not numbered or coded as in the past, but are arranged in the boxes as per any LWP list.

Can I still buy any transitioned LWP kits in the old vial size without the boxes?
Yes, for a period. In fact initially, many kits may only be available in the old vial size in the zip seal bags. As times moves on more kits will have transitioned to the new vial size.

If a kit is not in the vial size you wish, you may request it in the old or new. However please note....
* there may be a wait on supply of these special requests
* any requests for the old vials will only be possible for a period throughout 2021 - exact timing is not known at this stage.
* take note of whether the kit you order comes with a box or not: The older vial size kits will still not come with a box so if you need a storage container go to test kit accessories web page:  https://www.kinesiologyshop.com/test-kit-accessories/
If your kit is in the new vial size you will not need to order a box for it.

What advantages are there with the new vial size?
* The new vial size allows for the vials to placed in a flat tray box with the label being fully exposed for easier reading. The vials can easily be taken out and put back in.
* The labels are more glossy and professional
* The boxes are very sturdy and long lasting

What are the disadvantages of the changes:
* The vials already come in a box - to some this is a bonus, but others may not want or need a box. Unfortunately one cannot buy the new vial kits without the box.
* Transitioning to the new vials & boxes will likely mean customers who have bought the LWP kits in the past will have different sized vials and storage boxes across the range. But all vial names are consistent with any past information.

* The new vials have only the name of the vial on the label. There is no code or number, However vials are placed in the new box according to the order of any LWP kit contents list as published in the past.

New Vials Sizes & Storage Boxes






Old Vials Sizes & Storage Boxes







Other things to Note:

  • If you have any questions before making your order please email us at:  orders@kinesiologyshop.com
  • If any kit is out of stock, and you wish to be notified of availability please hit the ‘notify me’ button on the webpage for that product, or email us with any queries.
  • If you would like to consider another developing range of test kits, which are manufactured in Australia, please go to our test kit category and choose the sub category called ‘Kinesiology Test Kits (or click the link below). These are worth investigating. But of course one enters into further vial sizes and different boxes again. 

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