Ohm Octave Set 

The Ohm Octave is a beautiful and healing musical interval, connecting us with the Earth, and furthering our understanding of Ohm. This set consists of the Mid-Ohm (136.1 Hz) and the Low-Ohm (68.05 Hz) Tuning Forks (both above), Activator, overview of Sound Healing, plus information about Octaves, Overtones and an Instructional Booklet.

These forks can be used:
* To help clear blockages and move stagnant energy.
* On tight muscles, bones, tissue, acupressure and reflex points for a healing and relaxing experience.
* While stretching or doing yoga to help enhance and deepen your pose.
* Therapeutically as a listening experience and by applying them to your body.

Because the Ohm tone is calming and grounding, the Ohm Tuning Forks are also suitable tools to use while meditating.




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