Singing Bowl Striker

Available in 3 options (click radio button to view these options)

  1. Wooden Striker - for singing all bowls. Note: All our singing bowls come automatically with this option.
  2. Felt & Wooden Striker - for singing all bowls. Many bowls 'sing' more easily with a felt/wooden striker, especially with someone less experienced. Though this is not always the case - some smaller bowls work better with a plain wooden striker.  Also note that the felt can eliminate the noise sometimes made by the wood itself on the bowl and this makes for a cleaner sound.
  3. Felt Alone Striker - for striking a bowl (not singing). Generally extra large bowls are best 'struck' and not 'sung' because they reverberate for a very long time when simply struck and singing is not requried (and it can difficult to 'sing' very large bowls in any case).




SKU SBstriker

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