There's No Place Like Ohm Vol. 1 CD

Listening to "There's No Place Like Ohm" is Musical Medicine; it is immediately relaxing, a beautiful Sound Odyssey that allows you to resonate and journey with the Om tone like never before. Many chant the Om mantra, however, this CD was created without human voice, in the Musical Key of Ohm (OM), and focuses instead on the voices heard in nature through wind instruments and animals sounding. Listen to the heralding of the Armenian duduk, the haunting voice of the didgeridoo, the whisper of the Native American Flute, the whale's song.

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Vibrational Healing Music CD

The vibrational rate or frequency at which every life form resonates is what gives it its own unique personality. Composer Marjorie de Muynck (pronounced 'de Monk') organically combines ambient sounds of the Earth from a surprising array of sources, from the lovely syncopated rhythms of crickets and cicadas to the warm and prolific drone of honeybees. 

As our planet orbits the sun, a measurable vibration known as the Ohm (Om) frequency permeates every living organism. On Vibrational Healing Music, Marjorie offers you a therapeutic healing journey in her signature tuning of Ohm, known for its ability to soothe, balance, and rejuvenate.

In The Key of Earth CD

In the Key of Earth is a celebration of our planet as a living organism, with its pulse, breath, rhythms and cycles – resplendent and musical. In this ambient recording, Marjorie bends and reinvents the boundaries between sound and music through seldom heard harmonics created with acoustic instruments. Ohm is the fundamental tone upon which all effects are built, chosen because Earth is our fundamental place of life. Featured instruments include bass, baritone saxophone, Native American flute, Brazilian berimbau, vocals, Ohm Crystal Bowl and four octaves of Ohm Tuning Forks.

There's No Place Like Ohm Vol. 2 CD

In the midst of her own holistic and natural healing journey from cancer, Marjorie musically explores the restorative power of Ohm (OM), an earth tone, and the beautiful & healing effects of animal sounds. As a subtly textured wave of sound, the Ohm drone carries and lifts each featured instrument. This beautiful interweaving of natural and animal sounds creates an unhurried dialogue between wind and string instruments, and the earth sounds that inspired their voice.



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