Essences of Change

A unique range of flower and gem essences that have been created specifically to motivate, and to bring you stability in today’s ever-changing environment.

Created more than 15 years ago by Geraldine Gallagher, a Kinesiology Practitioner and Teacher for 25 years. These essences evolved out of the need for many of Geraldine’s clients to adapt and cope better with change in its many forms. The Essences of Change will help you to discover the values that are important to you. Adapting to the challenges in our world is one of the keys to success.

There are four distinctive sets of nine flower essences and gem elixirs. Beginning with the Catalysts to get you moving; followed by the Resources to assist you on your way; then the Challenges that offer new paradigms of how well you have learned the process of change; and the Opportunities provide guidance and unfold the new pathways. There is also a set of nine Blends of Change created for our most common areas of stress.

Individual bottles are also available for purchase but not on line. Please contact us to order single bottles.
To view more on the 4 boxed sets below and the individual descriptions of their essences download the EOC pdf.

Boxed Sets


The changing seasons give us the chance to look at ourselves in a new light. The Catalysts are the motivators that stimulate your instinctive values such as hope, inspiration and perseverance. Exploring the cycles within nature shows you a much greater reference for understanding the dynamics of change. Nothing in nature is random; everything follows some sort of pattern. Take your guidance from the laws of nature. 


The Resources bring forth our inherited limitations. Explore the environment of your genetic past where the “beliefs of the time” played a major role in suppressing the expression of such things as self-reliance, adaptability and stamina. Genetically inherited limitations have been difficult to find and deal with effectively until the resource needing liberation has been identified. Resources are those special gifts that we need to acknowledge within ourselves and see their true value.


These essences reflect the major challenges in your environment and the power of your individual influence in this world. They will chal- lenge every decision you are now making and they will encourage you to direct your influence to a greater purpose that will help the wider community. These challenges relate to your adaptability and courage to change, and the responsibility that comes with leadership. 


Opportunities appear when you prepare, plan and strategise to achieve your desired outcome. The opportunities will then open up before you much like the full blooms of summer. However, they are destined not to last, quick action is what you need here. When the timing is right, grasp the opportunity and enjoy it fully. 

The Blends of Change

These essences address some of the most current and important areas in which you may be seeking change. Those times when you find yourself resisting change and the reasons you give yourself are based on fear and doubt. Changing your self image can quieten the chatter in your mind and allow the driving force of your values to create some action. Reminding yourself of the excitement of such values as ambition, con- fidence and adventure. 





Challenge Essences are brilliant support for clien

28 April 2019
I've been using 'challenge' essences now for over a decade. Both the book and the essences are absolutely smack on in terms of accuracy and delivery of change for client. Both clients and practitioner always amazed by the clarity found both in clinic and followup use of these powerful resources. Geraldine is a mastermind in her creations!

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