Karmic Flower Essences

The Karmic Essences make an invaluable resource for working with a range of issues both over the long term or when you need a bit of help in the moment. They are linked directly into the 7 personality groups identified by Dr. Edward Bach. Each Karmic Essence will help to release unconscious beliefs that underpin the surface personality issues of one of these groups.

Each set contains the seven Karmic Essences and three Trinity bridging essences and come in an attractive card presentation box.The 3 Bridging Essences can be used as additional support, especially where you feel there is a need to clear away blockages in the heart that might prevent full access to the underlying karmic patterns.

The 7 Karmic Essences:

White Bluebell
Pink Rose
Wild Iris
Wild Orchid
Water Lily
Yellow Rattle

The Three Bridging Essences


Example Descriptions:

Fuchsia Flower Essence:
Opening the Heart Chakra

This Essence helps to quickly release pent up emotions such as anger, fear & resentment from the heart chakra, giving us access to the higher perspective on a situation that will allow us to forgive and move on.

Valerian Flower Essence:
Lack of Interest

The issue underlying all the remedy states in this group is a deep reluctance to fully take part in life or to completely occupy the physical body due to past difficult experiences which, although long forgotten, continue to exert an unconscious influence on the personality. Some in need of this essence might choose to live in past ‘happier’ times, or in an imaginary future where life will be ‘better’ than the present, while others find themselves all too easily caught up in the whirling thoughts of an over active mind. Valerian helps us to uncover and transform the deep-seated beliefs that underpin these states at a personality level.

Geranium Flower Essence:
Bringing in the Light

This Essence helps those who recognise the need to contact their spiritual essence but cannot seem to find the doorway that will give them access to this part of themselves. This situation can create a feeling of being in the dark or a feeling of gloominess. Geranium helps to open the inner doorways so that we can more easily contact our own inner light.

Where applicable the essences make references to to the Bach Flowers.

You will receive a complete description of the 10 Essences with any Karmic Flower Kit order but if you would like to see this full list in advance email us and request one.





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