Hiatal Hernia Syndrome/Vagus Nerve Imbalance: 
A Missing Link To Chronic Illness, Allergies and Longevity.

by Prof. Steven Rochlitz

Now in 3rd Edition with illustrations, including corrections for the Hiatal Hernia, Vagus Nerve, and the Diaphragm. The Hiatal Hernia Syndrome and the Vagus Nerve Imbalance is involved in: Breathlessness, MCS and EMFS, Food Sensitivities , Chronic Fatigue, Brain Fatigue, Some heart problems, Asthma, Anxiety/Panic attacks, Hypersensitivity of the senses including: hearing--hyperacusis, smell, vision, Sleep apnea, Gerd/Reflux
NOTE: Much of this book, is included in the Porphyria book.


Steve Rochlitz from 'Well At Last' has been a prolific researcher & developer since the 1980’s. Many Kinesiology techniques have been founded or further developed by his discoveries and creations. This includes Brain Integration, Heart Integration, the Candida Balance, Amino Acid Test points and important research in the fields of Food & Chemical sensitivities, EMF sensitivity, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Hiatal Hernia Syndrome, Porphyria and more.




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