Light Therapies
by Anadi Martel

A Complete Guide to the Healing Power of Light

A comprehensive guide to the therapeutic benefits of light and color and how they affect our physical and psychological well-being. Combining his own 30 years of research with practical insight from the many phototherapy pioneers the author examines scientific studies on how specific wavelengths of light influence our cells and DNA, brain function, sleep patterns, and emotional stability; speed the healing of wounds; and are effective in the treatment of disease, including arthritis, stroke, Alzheimer, Parkinsons and brain and nerve injuries. Examines several forms of light therapy, including chromotherapy, heliotherapy, actinotherapy, and thermotherapy. Explores the vibrational nature of light and the interaction between light, biology, and consciousness. Details how to use light therapy daily, get optimal benefits from sunlight, and avoid the health risks of new artificial lighting such as compact fluorescents and LEDs. Exploring the spiritual aspects of light, the author explains why auras and halos have been used to represent sages and saints of all traditions, revealing the intimate link between light and consciousness. Investigating the many laser, monochrome, audiovisual, and infrared machines designed to heal disease and treat emotional disorders, Martel also reveals promising medical applications for light that are currently in development.



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