Metaphysical Anatomy Technique Volume 2
by Evette Rose

Metaphysical Anatomy Technique V2 explains the core foundation and healing technique behind Metaphysical Anatomy V1.  As it suggests it is more about the technique and practice of the Metaphysical Anatomy concept and covers the conditions activated by circumstances in your present life, your ancestry, conception, womb, birth trauma, childhood or adult life. A valuable and important book.

NOTE: Metaphysical Anatomy Technique V2 is a new edition of the previous volume 2, but it is essentially a new publication. The old volume 2 was a synopsis of volume 1, but this new edition is a title that stands alone even if one already has the old Volume 2.

Metaphysical Anatomy V1 has been a best seller for some time. It is a guide for identifying the psychosomatic patterns & metaphysical causations related to 679 medical conditions. Available here too - a larger format & very ‘fat’ book of 730 pages.Volume One.


Evette Rose is the author of the amazing, bestselling Metaphysical Anatomy book series......

Metaphysical Anatomy Volume One
Metaphysical Anatomy TECHNIQUE Volume Two
Metaphysical Anatomy Volume Three - Psychosomatics of Children
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Transforming Everyday
Healing from Break-Up
Healing Your Boundaries



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