Metaphysical Anatomy - Volume One
by Evette Rose

This is a huge 750 page compendium on the metaphysical relationships and causes of disease & ill health. It covers 100’s of health conditions, both physical and mental. It also includes other dysfunctions not normally covered in these types of books such as addictions, allergies, birth issues, phobias, toxicity etc.

This would have to be considered a bible of ‘references’ for metaphysical/emotional causations. Each condition is covered in detail, offering information 
under the heading of Emotions and of Key Points. Some common areas of disease or dysfunction cover a few pages.

In Metaphysical Anatomy Volume One the author also covers instructions and guidelines on how to improve the issues by pointing out what blocks to work on.

Before the book gets into the A-Z reference, the initial chapters cover many topics including: 
Fundamental Healing Concepts: Dissociating Trauma; Surgical Intervention & healing; Self Sabotage; Taking Responsibility; Genetic Disorders; Emotions; Working with Clients & much more.

This is really a large reference manual not a book. Excellent, valuable material.



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