Your Body Never Lies
The Complete Book of Oriental Diagnosis
by Michio Kushi

Too often, conventional medicine fails to detect illness--especially when it first begins and is easiest to cure. But Oriental diagnosis, an ancient holistic system of knowledge, can often discover physical problems even before they arise. Now Your Body Never Lies helps you both understand and use this natural, noninvasive approach to restoring good health. 

Your Body Never Lies starts by explaining the principles of Oriental medicine. It then shows you how to detect and understand health problems simply by looking at the mouth, lips, and teeth; eyes; nose, cheeks, and ears; forehead; hair; hands; feet; and skin. Clear diagrams and easy-to-use charts assist you in quickly recognizing signs of illness so that you can begin working toward a state of balanced well-being. Here is a complete guide to Oriental diagnosis, a revolutionary yet centuries-old way to preserve health and harmony. 

Beginning with an explanation of the principles of Oriental diagnosis - touching, "seeing," and pressure - author Michio Kushi helps you understand this natural, non-invasive approach. The fundamental concepts of yin and yang are thoroughly explored, as is the art of seeing. YOUR BODY NEVER LIES provides an in-depth exploration of the components of seeing. This includes a description of deviations in facial features, skin, and extremities; irregularities in posture, movement, and mental states; and more. You will learn to recognize such physical variations and interpret these characteristics. Within this unique intuitive system is the power to detect the body's warning signs and avert serious illnesses such as cancer and heart disease. Western medical practice often focuses on a specific body part, symptom, or ailment, ignoring the totality and interconnectedness of the human body. YOUR BODY NEVER LIES is a complete guide to Oriental diagnosis, a revolutionary - yet centuries-old - way of preventing disease and preserving health and biological harmony.



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