KTK Neurotransmitters Test Kit
50 vials, boxed & including detailed vial descriptions
Vial Size: 8 x 37mm
Box Type: Plastic box for upright standing vials

Contains 50 of the most common neurotransmitters.

Who is this Neurotransmitters Test Kit for?
It is suitable for Kinesiologists, Chiropractors, Bioresonance & NAET Practitioners, Naturopaths etc.

How long will this Neurotransmitters Test Kit last?
This Kinesiology Test Kit comes in a plastic box for easy storage. If stored correctly it has an indefinite shelf life. Therefore, please store this homeopathic test kit away from heat, direct sunlight, mobile phones, magnets, microwaves and power points.


  1. 2-AG (2- arachidonoylglycerol)
  2. Acetylcholine
  3. Adenosine
  4. Alpha-Endorphin
  5. Anandamide (endocannabinoid)
  6. Angiotensin II
  7. Apelin
  8. Aspartate
  9. ATP (Adenosine triphosphate)
  10. Beta-Endorphin
  11. Bombesin
  12. Bradykinin
  13. Carbon monoxide
  14. Carnosine
  15. Cholecystokinin
  16. CRH (Corticotropin releasing hormone)
  17. Dopamine
  18. D-Serine
  19. Dynorphins
  20. Epinephrine
  21. GABA
  22. Galanin
  23. GHIH (Somatostatin)
  24. Ghrelin
  25. Glutamate
  26. Glycine
  27. Histamine
  28. L-Dopa
  29. Leucine enkephalin
  30. L-Serine
  31. Methionine enkephalin
  32. NAAG (N-Acetylaspartylglutamate)
  33. Neuropeptide S
  34. Neuropeptide Y
  35. Neurotensin
  36. Nitric oxide
  37. NKA (Neurokinin A)
  38. Norepinephrine
  39. Orexin
  40. Orphanin FQ
  41. Oxytocin
  42. PACAP (Pituitary adenylate-cyclase-activating polypeptide)
  43. Peptide CGRP (calcitonin gene-related peptide)
  44. Peptide YY (peptide tyrosine tyrosine)
  45. Proline
  46. Serotonin
  47. Substance P
  48. Taurine
  49. Vasopressin
  50. VIP (Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide)


This Neurotransmitters Test Kit does NOT contain neurotransmitters or any other crude substance, but the homeopathic remedies made from these substances and is therefore perfect for accurate testing and balancing.  It contains glass vials as plastic can be unreliable for testing purposes. Pills are used to avoid liquid spillage and evaporation.

The test vials do not need to be opened as they are not intended for internal use.

This Test Kit is not intended for DIAGNOSIS or TREATMENT and is NOT a home testing kits, but is intended for practitioners such as Kinesiologists, Bioresonance practitioners (Bicom, Vega, etc.), Chiropractors, Naturopaths, or anyone trained in muscle testing.



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