KTK Food Additives Testing Kit
50 vials, boxed & including detailed vial descriptions
Vial Size: 8 x 37mm
Box Type: Plastic box for upright standing vials

This Kinesiology Test Kit includes some of the most common food additives that may cause allergic reactions. Food additives are chemicals added to foods to keep them fresh or to enhance their colour, flavour or texture. This homeopathic test kit includes flavour enhancers such as MSG or disodium inosinate and disodium guanylate. It also includes food colourings, preservatives, nitrates, artificial sugars, and antioxidants commonly used in the food industry.

Common reactions to food additives include hyperactivity, insomnia, irritability, diarrhoea, hives, asthma, rhinitis, and sinusitis. Food additives have been linked to cancers, neurological problems, headaches, increased heart disease, obesity, and immune system changes.

This testing kit is a homeopathic test kit designed to give practitioners, such as Kinesiologists, Chiropractors and Naturopaths, who are trained in muscle testing, a practical tool to test for common allergies, sensitivities and major causes for health related conditions - for more information read the info at the very bottom.


1. Alginates (incl. alginic acid)
2. Aluminium sulphates (firming agent, E520)
3. Amesphos (flavour enhancer, moisture binder)
4. Ascorbates (incl. ascorbic acid)
5. Aspartame (artificial sugar)
6. Benzoates (preservatives)
7. Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA, preservative)
8. Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT, preservative)
9. Calcium disodium EDTA (preservative, flavouring agent)
10. Calcium propionate (preservative, E282)
11. Carrageenan (thickening agent)
12. Cheddar cheese powder (flavour enhancer)
13. Citrates (incl. citric acid)
14. Disodium inosinate and Disodium guanylate (Flavour enhancers)
15. FAB B (meat enhancer)
16. Food colour blue (mix)
17. Food colour caramel
18. Food colour green (mix)
19. Food colour red (mix)
20. Food colour yellow (mix)
21. High fructose corn syrup
22. Hydrogenated vegetable oil
23. Hydrolised vegetable protein (flavour enhancer)
24. Lactates (incl. lactic acid)
25. Malic acid (flavouring agent)
26. Modified food starch
27. Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
28. Natamycin (antifungal)
29. Nitrates mix (flavour enhancer, preservative)
30. Nitrites mix (flavour enhancer, preservative)
31. Paraben (preservative)
32. Partially hydrogenated vegetable oil
33. Potassium bromate (oxidising agent)
34. Potassium sorbate (preservative)
35. Propyl gallate (antioxidant)
36. Propylene glycol (preservative, antioxidant)
37. Saccharin (artificial sugar)
38. Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (thickening agent)
39. Sodium erythorbate (preservative, E316)
40. Sodium ortho-phenylphenate (preservative, E232)
41. Sodium propionate (preservative, E281)
42. Sorbates (incl. sorbic acid)
43. Sorbitol (artificial sugar)
44. Sucralose (artificial sugar, Splenda)
45. Sulphates (preservatives)
46. Sulphites (preservatives)
47. Sulphur dioxide (preservative)
48. Tert-butylhydroquinone (TBHQ, antioxidant)
49. Trisodium phosphate (flavour enhancer, emulsifier, acidity regulator, E339)
50. Vegetable gum (thickening agent)

  • This Kinesiology Test Kit does NOT contain food additives or any other crude substance, but the homeopathic remedies made from these substances and is therefore perfect for muscle testing.
  • The homeopathic test kit contains glass vials as plastic can be unreliable for testing purposes. Pills are used to avoid liquid spillage and evaporation.
  • The test vials do not need to be opened as they are not intended for internal use, but for muscle testing only.
  • This testing kit comes in a plastic box for easy storage. If stored correctly it has an indefinite shelf life. Please store this homeopathic test kit away from heat, direct sunlight, mobile phones, magnets, microwaves, and power points.
  • This kit is not intended for DIAGNOSIS or TREATMENT and is NOT a home testing kits. It is intended for practitioners such as Kinesiologists, Bioresonance practitioners, Chiropractors or anyone trained in muscle testing.

How is this Testing Kit different?

"As an experienced homeopath I understand the importance of a reliable homeopathic test kit for muscle testing for allergies and sensitivities to chemicals in food. Consequently, all vials include a few homeopathic pills of at least five different homeopathic potencies sourced from reputable homeopathic pharmacies.

A variety of different potencies is more likely to accurately test when muscle testing. Sometimes a homeopathic remedy in a 6x homeopathic potency may not trigger a response when muscle testing, yet the same remedy in a 12c homeopathic potency may indicate a response.

All homeopathic remedies are made the traditional way and are sourced from reputable homeopathic pharmacies worldwide. They have been found to have an indefinite shelf life when stored correctly. I have discovered through clinical experience that homeopathic remedies made by non-traditional methods (radionically) seem to lose their effectiveness after some months or years. This has also been confirmed by some experienced Kinesiologists."

- Evelin Liddell




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