IMPORTANT NOTE: All LWP kits are being transitioned to a new vial size and storage box. This Food C Kit has made that transition. In summary the vials are 1cm longer and this kit now comes with a flat tray storage box.  For more information please read our update here especially if you have ordered LWP kits in the past.

Food C Test Kit
50 vials

The energy patterns of gluten, goat's milk, cow's milk yoghurt, quinoa, blueberry, okra, pak choi, mango, etc. For use in kinesiology, homeopathy, naturopathy, bioresonance, etc.

FC 109    Anchovy in brine
FC 110    Aubergine / Eggplant
FC 111    Avocado
FC 112    Basil
FC 113    Blueberry
FC 114    Broccoli
FC 115    Celeriac
FC 116    Cheese, vegetarian
FC 117    Cherries
FC 118     Chili, red and green
FC 119    Cinnamon
FC 120    Chocolate
FC 121    Coriander / Cilantro
FC 122    Crab
FC 123    Cranberry
FC 124    Cumin
FC 125    Endive
FC 126    Ginger, fresh
FC 127    Gluten
FC 128    Goat's milk
FC 129    Haddock
FC 130    Lambs Lettuce
FC 131    Leek
FC 132    Lemongrass
FC 133    Lobster
FC 134    Mackerel in brine
FC 135    Mango
FC 136    Mussel
FC 137    Mustard
FC 138    Okra / Lady’s Finger
FC 139    Pak Choi
FC 140    Paw Paw/ Papaya
FC 141    Pecan
FC 142    Pepper, black and white
FC 143    Quinoa, organic
FC 144    Radicchio               
FC 145    Rocket / Arugula
FC 146    Sage, fresh
FC 147    Sardines in brine
FC 148    Sorrel
FC 149    Spelt flour, organic
FC 150    Squash, butternut
FC 151    Squid
FC 152    Sweet Potato
FC 153    Tarragon, fresh
FC 154    Thyme, fresh
FC 155    Trout
FC 156    Turmeric
FC 157    Yam
FC 158     Yoghurt: Cow’s Milk




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