PH11 Circulatory System Test Kit
27 vials, including flat tray storage box
 - 10 x 50mm vial size

The energy patterns of various healthy and diseased tissues, e.g. aorta, artery, vein, temporal arteritis, atheroma, arteriosclerosis , endocarditis, etc. .

PH1101    Aorta        
The large arterial trunk that carries blood from the heart to be distributed by branch arteries through the body.

PH1102    Arterial Thrombus, Recent
A recently formed blood clot in an artery.

PH1103    Arteriosclerosis, Medial, Femoral Artery        
A chronic disease in which muscle and elastic fibres are replaced by fibrous tissue; here affecting the main artery in the thigh.

PH1104    Artery        
Tubular branching muscular- and elastic-walled vessels that carry blood from the heart through the body.

PH1105    Artery, Superior Mesenteric        
A large artery that arises from the aorta and supplies the greater part of the small intestine, the cecum, the ascending colon, and the right half of the transverse colon.

PH1106    Atheroma, Aorta
An abnormal fatty deposit in the aorta.

PH1107    Atheroma, Subclavian Artery        
An abnormal fatty deposit in subclavian artery (large artery that passes to the upper arm).

PH1108    Atherosclerosis, Artery        
Disease of wall of artery where inner layer thickens, causing a decrease in the capacity of the artery to transport blood.

PH1109    Calcification Of Artery
Abnormal deposits of calcium in an artery.

PH1110    Cardiac Muscle
Heart Muscle    The principal tissue in the heart wall.

PH1111    Endocarditis, Subacute Bacterial, Aortic Valve        
Inflammation of the valve separating the aorta from the left ventricle that prevents blood from flowing back into the left ventricle.

PH1112    Fatty Degeneration, Heart Muscle    
Abnormal formation of microscopically visible droplets of fat in the cytoplasm of cells of the heart muscle.

PH1113    Hypertrophy, Heart Muscle
Enlarged heart muscle.

PH1114    Mitral Valve, Recent And Older Vegetations        
Roughenings on one of heart valves usually as a result of acute rheumatism.

PH1115    Myocardial Fibrosis
Heart muscle scarred from chronic disease.

PH1116    Myocardial Infarct, Old And Recent / Heart Attack    
Tissue of the heart muscle has died and is permanently damaged because of an inadequate supply of oxygen to that area.

PH1117    Myocarditis
Inflammation of the muscular walls of the heart.

PH1118    Myoxma        
A primary heart tumour; this is uncommon as most heart tumours have spread from elsewhere in the body.

PH1119    Post-Hypertensive Sclerosis, Peripheral Artery        
Hardening of a peripheral artery as a result of high blood pressure.

PH1120    Rheumatic Endocarditis, Mitral Valve
Inflammation of the inner most lining of the heart cavities and mitral valve.

PH1121    Syphilis, Basilar Artery        
Syphilitic changes in the artery that supplies the pons, cerebellum, posterior part of the cerebrum, and the inner ear.

PH1122    Temporal Arteritis
Inflammation of the arteries.

PH1123    Thrombosis, Septic, Sigmoid Sinus        
A blood clot with putrefaction within a blood vessel in the sigmoid sinus cavity (skull).

PH1124    Vasculitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis On Steroids        
Inflammation of blood vessels; a symptom sometimes associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

PH1125    Vein        
A tube carrying blood from the capillaries towards the heart.

PH1126    Vena Cava        
Two large veins which take deoxygenated blood into the right atrium of heart for delivery to the lungs.

PH1127    Venous Thrombosis, Muscle
A blood clot in a vein in a muscle.


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