PH7 Skeletal System Test Kit
25 vials, including flat tray storage box 
- 10 x 50mm vial size

The energy patterns of various healthy and diseased tissues, e.g. bone, spinal chord, juvenile rheumatism nodule, osteochondroma and oseosarcoma.

PH701    Bone

PH702    Bone, Healing Fracture
A break in a bone that is healing.

PH703    Bone, Long, Showing Compact And Cancellous Tissue        
Compact tissue has a dense structure without small cavities or cells, whereas cancellous has these cavities and cells (providing space for blood vessels).

PH704    Bone, Spongy    
Cancellous Bone    Makes up most of the bone tissue of short, flat and irregular shaped bones, and also a narrow rim around the marrow cavity and the ends of long bones.

PH705    Chondrosarcoma        
Cancer of cartilage cells; the second most common primary bone cancer.

PH706    Chordoma        
A malignant tumor that is derived from remnants of the embryonic notochord and occurs along the spine attacking especially the bones at the base of the skull or near the coccyx.

PH707    Disseminating Sclerosis, Spinal Chord
A pathological condition in which a tissue has become hard, as in multiple sclerosis.

PH708    Ewing's Sarcoma/ Ewing's Tumou / Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumor
A type of bone cancer that usually forms in the middle (shaft) of large bones; the third most common form of primary bone cancer.

PH709    Femur, Ossifying
Ossification of the large thigh bone.

PH710    Fibrous Dysplasia, Bone        
A chronic disorder of the skeleton that causes expansion of one or more bones due to abnormal development of fibrous tissue within the bone.

PH711    Giant Cell Sarcoma        
A bone cancer in which the cells look large under a microscope (produced by the fusion of many cells).

PH712    Gouty Tophus        
A deposit of urates around a joint typical of people with gout.

PH713    Intervertebral Disk / Fibrous Cartilage /Spinal Disc

PH714    Juvenile Rheumatism Nodule / Still's Disease    
A chronic, inflammatory disease that may cause joint or connective tissue damage. The onset occurs before age 16.

PH715    Leg Fracture With Fat Embolism        
Fractured leg bone showing the occurrence of fat globules in the bloodstream that occur after the fracture of a long bone.

PH716    Ossification        
The formation of bone or of a bony substance, the conversion of fibrous tissue or of cartilage into bone or a bony substance.

PH717    Osteochondroma        
A benign cartilaginous tumour, often occurring near the ends of long bones.

PH718    Osteosarcoma / Osteogenic Sarcoma    
A cancer of the bone that usually affects the arms, legs and pelvis; the most common primary bone cancer.

PH719    Paget's Disease, Bone / Osteitis Deformans / Osteodystrophia Deformans    
A chronic disease of bones involving the replacement of normal bone marrow with vascular and fibrous tissue.

PH720    Poliomyelitis, Spinal Chord        
Spinal chord showing the effects of the  viral disease poliomyelitis.

PH721    Rheumatoid Arthritis, Joint        
A disease in which the body recruits new blood vessels to the joints, causing swelling and inflammation.

PH722    Rickets, Costochondral Junction        
The point where the ribs articulate with the sternum showing signs of rickets (vitamin D deficiency leading to disturbance in normal ossification).

PH723    Spinal Chord, Cervical / Spinal Cord, Cervical    
The spinal column in the region of the neck.

PH724    Spinal Chord, Lumbar /Spinal Cord, Lumbar    
The spinal chord between the ribs and the pelvis.

PH725    Spinal Chord, Thoracic / Spinal Cord, Thoracic    
The spinal column in the region of the ribs.



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