PH2 Lower Digestive System Test Kit
28 vials, including storage box - 10 x 50mm vial size

The energy patterns of various healthy and diseased tissues, e.g. colon, rectum, endometriosis in the colon, appendicitis, colitis, papilloma, vaculitis and cancers.

PH201    Adenocarcinoma, Colon        
A malignant tumor originating in glandular epithelium of the colon; the main type of colon cancer.

PH202    Adenocarcinoma, Mucinous, Colon        
A malignant tumor originating in the glandular tissue of the colon; the cancer cells secrete significant amounts of mucin.

PH203    Adenoma With Lymphoma, Colon
A benign and a cancerous tumour in the colon.

PH204    Adenomatous Polyp With Cancer, Colon
A polyp that consists of abnormal but benign tissue growth, derived from glandular epithelium.

PH205    Amoebic Colitis, Colon    
Diarrhoea, inflammation and ulceration of the colon, as a result of infection with Entamoeba histolytica.

PH206    Appendicitis, Acute        
Inflammation of the vermiform appendix.

PH207    Appendicitis, Chronic Obliterative
Inflammation of the vermiform appendix inflammation of the vermiform appendix with collapse of some tissues.

PH208    Appendicitis, Mucoid Degeneration With  Fatty Infiltration Of Submucosa    
Degenerative disease of appendix, with excess amounts of fat.

PH209    Appendicitis, Necrotic    
Inflammation of the vermiform appendix with dying tissue.

PH210    Carcinoid Tumour, Appendix    
A tumour which secretes excessive amounts of the hormone serotonin (90% found in appendix).

PH211    Carcinoma, Mucoid, Fat In Sub-Mucosa, Rectum / Colorectal Cancer    
A malignant tumour arising from the cells lining the rectum, secreting significant amounts of mucin, with fat in the connective tissue.

PH212    Colitis, Chronic, Colon
Chronic inflammation of the colon.

PH213    Colon        
The part of the large intestine that extends from the end of the small intestine to the rectum.

PH214    Colon Wall With Balantidium Coli        
Colon wall showing presence of balantidium coli, a parasite usually harmless in man but may invade and ulcerate the intestinal wall, producing a colitis resembling amoebic dysentery.

PH215    Dysentery, Amoebic, Colon        
Colon wall showing presence of entamoeba histolytica, with ulcerative inflammation.

PH216    Dysentery, Bacillary, Colon        
An infection of the bowel caused by a bacterium called shigella.

PH217    Endometriosis, Colon        
The presence and growth of functioning ovarian endometrial tissue in the colon s that often results in severe pain and infertility.

PH218    Juvenile Polyp, Colon        
A smoothly rounded mucosal hamartoma which may be multiple and cause rectal bleeding, especially in the first decade of life; not pre-cancerous.

PH219    Leiomyoma, Colon
A benign tumor consisting of smooth muscle fibres.

PH220    Melanoma, Degenerative, Rectum        
A malignant tumour of the rectum.

PH221    Papilloma, Colon        
Benign tumour originating in epithelial cells of the colon.

PH222    Papilloma, Rectum
Benign tumour of epithelium of the rectum.

PH223    Rectal Smear        
A smear taken from the rectum, containing faeces, bacteria etc.

PH224    Rectum
The last part of the large intestine.

PH225    Tuberculous Lesions, Colon        
Abnormal changes in the colon as a result of tuberculosis.

PH226    Ulcerative Colitis, Colon        
Chronic inflammation of the colon that produces ulcers in its lining; symptoms include  abdominal pain, cramps, and loose discharges of pus, blood, and mucus from the bowel.

PH227    Vasculitis, Chronic, Colon Wall/ Chronic Angiitis    
Chronic inflammation of a blood or lymph vessel of the bowel wall.

PH228    Vasculitis, Colon Wall/ Angiitis    
Inflammation of a blood or lymph vessel of the bowel wall.




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