KTK Parasite Testing Kit
50 vials, boxed & including detailed vial descriptions
Vial Size: 8 x 37mm
Box Type: Plastic box for upright standing vials

This Kinesiology Test Kit includes some of the most common parasites that affect humans.

A parasite is an organism that lives inside or on a host and is dependent on the host for its survival. Parasites that can cause disease in humans are divide into three main classes: protozoa, helminths, and ectoparasites. Protozoa and helminths largely affect the gut, while ectoparasites include lice and mites that can attach to or burrow into the skin, staying there for long periods of time.

Depending on the type of parasite, symptoms of parasitic infection might include chronic digestive problems, especially following a bout of food poisoning. Parasites can often cause intestinal inflammation and may end up destroying the intestinal lining of the gut. Gut symptoms may mimic other diseases like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Celiac or Crohn’s Disease. Other symptoms may include aches and pains, allergies, skin rashes, sleeping problems, general weakness, mental disturbances including depression, anxiety, behavioural changes, mental fuzziness, autoimmune flare-ups, and exacerbation of existing medical conditions.

This testing kit is a homeopathic test kit designed to give practitioners, such as Kinesiologists, Chiropractors and Naturopaths, who are trained in muscle testing, a practical tool to test for causes for health-related conditions. See further below for more information.


1. Acanthamoeba
2. Amblyomma americanum (Lonestar Tick)
3. Ancylostoma mix (Hookworm)
4. Angiostrongylus cantonensis (Rat Lung Worm)
5. Ascaris lumbricoides (Roundworm)
6. Babesia microti (spread by Ixodes Scapularis Ticks, also called Blacklegged Ticks or Deer Ticks)
7. Blastocystis hominis
8. Clonorchis sinensis (Liver Fluke)
9. Cryptosporidium
10. Dermacentor andersoni (Rocky Mountain Wood Tick)
11. Dermacentor variabilis (Dog Tick)
12. Dientamoeba fragilis
13. Diphyllobothrium mix (Tapeworm)
14. Dipylidium caninum (Dog and Cat Flea Tapeworm)
15. Dirofilaria immitis (Heartworm or Dog Heartworm)
16. Dracunculus medinensis (Roundworm or Guinea Worm)
17. Echinococcus granulosus (Hydatid Worm, Hyper Tapeworm or Dog Tapeworm)
18. Endolimax nana
19. Entamoeba histolytica (Amoebic Dysentery)
20. Enterobius vermicularis (Pinworm)
21. Fasciola hepatica (Common Liver Fluke, Sheep Liver Fluke)
22. Fasciolopsis buski
23. Filarial mix
24. Giardia
25. Hymenolepis nana (Dwarf Tapeworm)
26. Iodamoeba butschelii
27. Ixodes holocyclus (Australian Paralysis Tick)
28. Ixodes pacificus (Western Blacklegged Tick)
29. Ixodes ricinus (Castor Bean Tick, Sheep Tick)
30. Ixodes scapularis (Deer Tick, Blacklegged Tick)
31. Leishmania
32. Metagonimus yokogawai (Flukeworm)
33. Naegleria fowleri (Brain-eating Amoeba)
34. Necator americanus (New World Hookworm)
35. Paragonimus (Lung Fluke)
36. Pediculus humanus capitis (Head Louse)
37. Pediculus humanus corporis (Body Louse)
38. Phthirus pubis (Crab Louse, Pubic Louse)
39. Plasmodium mix (Malaria)
40. Sarcocystis
41. Sarcoptes scabiei (Human Scabies)
42. Schistosoma mix (Blood Flukes)
43. Strongyloides (Roundworm, Threadworm in the US)
44. Taenia solium (Pork Tapeworm)
45. Toxocara (Roundworm spread by dogs and cats)
46. Toxoplasma gondii
47. Trichinella spiralis (Pork Worm)
48. Trichomonas vaginalis (STD)
49. Trichuris trichiura (Human Whipworm)
50. Trypanosoma mix

  • This Kinesiology Test Kit does NOT contain parasites or any other crude substance, but the homeopathic remedies made from these substances and is therefore perfect for muscle testing.
  • The homeopathic test kit contains glass vials as plastic can be unreliable for testing purposes. Pills are used to avoid liquid spillage and evaporation.
  • The test vials do not need to be opened as they are not intended for internal use, but for muscle testing only.
  • This testing kit comes in a plastic box for easy storage. If stored correctly it has an indefinite shelf life. Please store this homeopathic test kit away from heat, direct sunlight, mobile phones, magnets, microwaves, and power points.
  • This kit is not intended for DIAGNOSIS or TREATMENT and is NOT a home testing kits. It is intended for practitioners such as Kinesiologists, Bioresonance practitioners, Chiropractors or anyone trained in muscle testing.

How is this Testing Kit different?

"As an experienced homeopath I understand the importance of a reliable homeopathic test kit for muscle testing. Consequently, all vials include a few homeopathic pills of at least five different homeopathic potencies sourced from reputable homeopathic pharmacies.

A variety of different potencies is more likely to accurately test when muscle testing. Sometimes a homeopathic remedy in a 6x homeopathic potency may not trigger a response when muscle testing, yet the same remedy in a 12c homeopathic potency may indicate a response.

All homeopathic remedies are made the traditional way and are sourced from reputable homeopathic pharmacies worldwide. They have been found to have an indefinite shelf life when stored correctly. I have discovered through clinical experience that homeopathic remedies made by non-traditional methods (radionically) seem to lose their effectiveness after some months or years. This has also been confirmed by some experienced Kinesiologists." - Evelin Liddell



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