PH16 Eyes, Nose, Ears, Mouth Test Kit
25 vials, including flat tray storage box
 - 10 x 50mm vial size

The energy patterns of various healthy and diseased tissues, e.g. cornea, optic nerve, parotid gland, tongue, tonsil, tooth and malignant and benign tumours.

PH1601    Carcinoma, Tongue
A cancer of the tongue.

PH1602    Cheek, Epithelium, Squamous Buckle Mucosa        
The inner lining of the cheek showing  squamous cells (thin, flat cells that look like fish scales).

PH1603    Cornea        
The transparent part of the coat of the eyeball that covers the iris and pupil and admits light to the interior.

PH1604    Ear, Internal, Foetal
The internal ear of the foetus.

PH1605    Eye, Anterior Part
A front section of the human eye.

PH1606    Eyelid
Eyelids shade and protect the eye.

PH1607    Glioma, Optic Nerve        
A cancer in the glial cells that surround and support the  optic nerve (the nerve that carries messages from the retina to the brain).

PH1608    Malignant Mixed Tumour, Palate        
A cancerous tumour of the roof of the mouth consisting of at least two tissue types.

PH1609    Malignant Mixed Tumour, Parotid Gland        
A cancerous tumour of a salivary gland consisting of at least two tissue types.

PH1610    Mouth Smear
Contains saliva etc.

PH1611    Mouth, Bacteria (Gram Positive And Negative)        
A sample taken from the mouth showing two types of bacteria.

PH1612    Nasal Epithelium
Lining of the nose.

PH1613    Odontogenic Keratocyst, Mandible / Keratinizing Cyst    
A jawbone cyst  that develops a horny layer.

PH1614    Optic Nerve        
The nerve that carries messages from the retina to the brain.

PH1615    Palate, Soft
The posterior portion of the roof of the mouth.

PH1616    Parotid Gland
Salivary gland below and just in front of the ear.

PH1617    Retina / Nervous Tunic    
The posterior portion of the eyeball.

PH1618    Salivary Gland
Glands in the mouth that produce saliva.

PH1619    Sebaceous Carcinoma, Nose        
A malignant tumour of the nose with sebaceous differentiation.

PH1620    Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Mouth        
A mouth cancer affecting the squamous  cells (thin, flat cells that look like fish scales).

PH1621    Submaxillary Gland / Mandibular Gland / Submandibular Salivary Gland / Submandibular Gland / Submaxillary Salivary Gland    
A gland inside of and near the lower edge of the jawbone, which discharges saliva into the mouth under the tongue.

PH1622    Tongue        
A large muscle covered in mucous membranes located in the mouth.

PH1623    Tonsil        
Small masses of lymphoid tissue on either side of the throat.

PH1624    Tonsillitis
Inflammation of the tonsil.

PH1625    Tooth        
Calcified connective tissue embedded in the jawbone.


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